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Measures to Support Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) children

Our kindergarten has integrated different cultures in our school-based curriculum. We hope children would be able to broaden their horizons and to understand the living habits of people around the world, as well as to cultivate their positive values from a young age.

Our Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) Children Support Group consists of language teachers and teachers who have received related training. The group aims to support NCS children and their parents, and to help children adapt to the school environment, life and community.

Our school held a “Family Fun Day – Sports around the World” in 2020. We gathered families from different cultural backgrounds and children were able to learn about the diversity through play.

We wish we are able to:

  • Support the communication between the school and parents.
  • Motivate NCS children to learn Chinese.
  • Build an inclusion school environment, assist NCS children adapt to the school life.