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Our Belief

We Believe ...

  • Each child is a unique individual and an active learner.
  • The purpose of learning is to foster children’s self-confidence.
  • Children are able to construct knowledge through authentic hands-on experiences.
  • Parents are crucial learning partners of young children.
  • A stimulating, caring, happy and comfortable learning environment is conducive to allowing children experience the joy of learning, and linking their learning experience to real world events.
  • Play should be an important part of children's lives.
  • A fair level of discipline is necessary for modeling appropriate behaviour.
  • Children need to develop the proper attitude and skills to work independently as well as work cooperatively in group settings.

Educational Philosophy

  • With the belief that Early Childhood Education constitutes a fundamental aspect of basic education for children, Hong Kong Baptist University - Kindergarten (HKBUK) aims at offering a high quality early childhood programme by integrating educational theories into teaching practice.
  • We provide a safe and resource-rich environment for young children so that they can experience the joy of learning. At the same time, we seek to instil a positive learning attitude in our children with the hope of fostering a balanced growth in the areas of moral, cognitive, language, physical, social, emotional, aesthetic and creative development.
  • The teaching principle of HKBUK is founded on the Christian faith. We hope that our young children will be exposed to the teaching of God.

Parent-School Partnership

  • With an emphasis on parent-school cooperation, we hope that parents, teachers and the Kindergarten can work together as partners in supporting the children’s whole-person development.
  • Parents are encouraged to participate and assist the teachers in our school activities, such as experience sharing, field trips, and outings. We hope that parents can become an important part of their children’s learning process and grow with them.
  • Workshops and seminars are held regularly to equip parents with knowledge and skills relevant to the education of their young children and to understand their children’s development.
  • Through various channels such as parent/teacher conference, class observations, photographs, student learning portfolios, newsletters and web-site information, parents can become better-informed about their child’s progress.
  • The well-established HKBUK Parent-Teacher Association welcomes new parents to join as members. The Parent-Teacher Association regularly holds different kinds of activities such as seminars, workshops and special interest groups to promote and facilitate communication between parents and the school. It also serves as a platform for parents to share their experiences in child raising.