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Message from the Associate Dean (Programme Development) and Head of Early Childhood and Elementary Education

Hong Kong Baptist University - Kindergarten (HKBUK) is steered and operated by the Early Childhood and Elementary Education Division (ECEED) of the School of Continuing Education. The Principal of the HKBUK is a member of the Division’s academic cluster bridging between the Division and the Kindergarten. The HKBUK strives to achieve excellence in provision of high quality early childhood education by applying theories into authentic scenarios. The strategic direction of the Kindergarten is set by the Division and the HKBUK, followed by the collaboratively endorsement of the HKBUK Board of Managers. The HKBUK is aspired to provide teachers and parents with professional training and seminars on a regular basis. Topics covered include:

  • Developing Children’s Creative Thinking
  • Visual Arts Workshop: Teaching Skills
  • Promoting Learning and Teaching: Briefing Session on “How Observation Leads to Teaching (HOLT) Project”
  • Chinese Reading and Writing in Kindergarten Workshop
  • How to Support Diverse Learning Needs
  • Student Portfolio Writing Training
  • Emotion Management and Learning Efficiency
  • The Joy and Anger in Parenting

Lecturers of the Division possess different areas of specialization, including:

  • Assessment and Learning Diversity
  • Child Development and Early Learning
  • Curriculum and Professional Studies
  • Language and General Studies
  • Research Innovation and Development

In addition, ECEED has specialized lecturers with professional qualifications in clinical psychology, education psychology and speech therapy, etc. They are fully ready to offer professional support for families of students whenever appropriate.

Parents play a prominent role in children’s upbringing and learning. The HKBUK values the close partnership with parents in nurturing children with a supportive and pleasant learning environment, thereby laying a solid foundation for them to become lifelong learners.

Amelia Lee (Dr.)
Associate Dean (Programme Development)
Head of Early Childhood and Elementary Education
School of Continuing Education, HKBU