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Message from the Supervisor

The saying “The child is father of the man” lively illustrates the importance of early childhood education. No wonder many parents in Hong Kong are eager to have their newborns well prepared for formal education that is to start at the age of six. Parents are anxious to get their children into a primary school they desire, and some to the extent that they and their children toil tirelessly through 3-year spoon-fed schooling at kindergarten, drilling for bi-literacy and tri-lingualism, while spending their leisure time undertaking various interest classes ranging from music and dancing to language and mathematics.

As most educators agree, a successful early childhood education should allow children to learn through play and enjoy social interaction, promote healthy physical and mental development, and encourage creative thinking so that children will have the passion for learning which lays a solid foundation for lifelong education and whole person development.

Hong Kong Baptist University Kindergarten (HKBUK) was established by the School of Continuing Education of Hong Kong Baptist University in 2000 as the first university-affiliated kindergarten in Hong Kong. With the expertise and experience of the School’s professional early childhood educators, HKBUK promotes the early childhood education philosophy that focuses on cultivating children’s creativity and instilling positive learning attitude as well as spirit of inquiry in children. Through a stimulating, caring, joyous and comfortable learning environment, children can experience the joy of learning and apply such experience to everyday life, build up their self-confidence and foster self-assurance. With the belief that parents are crucial learning partners of their children, HKBUK emphasises parental participation so as to form an interactive partnership among parents, teachers and the school.

We dearly treasure the trust which parents have bestowed on us, and pledge to work together with them to provide the best for the whole person development of children.

Prof. Ronald Chung
Dean, School of Continuing Education
Hong Kong Baptist University